A selection of design deliciousness. I wonder if I’ll find any of them under our tree on Christmas morning (hint hint!)…


1. Eames ‘Dot Pattern’ wool blanket by Vitra. Need it! Available at Nest.

2. Kranium. I just love this little wooden skull with a secret compartment “for keeping memories”. Available from Acne Jr.

3. Pia Wallen Cross Tray. Available at Pia Wallen.

4. Handmade felt dome cushion. Gorgeous quality (and I’m not just saying it!) and all handmade using pure Merino wool by my sister in a tiny Welsh village. Available at Knitnations.

5. Kubus Bowl. Available from Story North.

6. Leff Amsterdam Tile25 Clock. Available at Design55.

7. ‘YES’ print in sizes A3 and 50 x 70cm. Custom colours and other sizes available upon request. Available…ahem…in my Etsy shop Yumalum.

8. Unit Portables 13inch Shoulder Bag in charcoal. I’ve got the black version of this bag and they are superb. Available at Unit Portables.

9. Perpetual Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli. Available from Nava Design.


Happy Christmas shopping!

Well if you thought my chair addiction may be slowing down then you’d be wrong!

I’ve had my eye on the side chair designed by Harry Bertoia for quite some time now and now I have four of the little beauties. Where am I going to put them I hear you ask? They are for the balcony, well two of them are because that’s all there is room for.

I came across them last week on good old Evilbay and got all excited because they were in Cardiff which is less than an hour from me. I didn’t hold out much hope of getting them but I did and for £400 for the four! They are in great condition with minimal wear. The seller was lovely and she was very pleased that they were going to the home of a chair addict where they will be treasured for ever more.

I’ve just totted up all the chairs we have in the flat…we have 29! I think I need to stop…

More pics soon.

Happy weekend everyone. Have a good one.

For the last three years plus I have been doing a spoof magazine cover (sort of monthly) on the Livingetc forums called Bitchingetc and this is the newly launched Christmas cover. I try to feature forum members homes as much as possible but sometimes a little (with big devastation to my flat!) photo shoot has to be done.

I made the Eames inspired trees with cardboard and some deigns I put together incorporating the Eames bird and the Eames Office logo. I have also used the same pattern as wrapping paper. I think I may re-make the trees using MDF instead next time.