It’s nearly the weekend again! What are you all up to? Anything interesting or glamorous or just a bit of DIY?

There will be quite a lot of DIY and building work going on at Obsessilicious Towers over the next few months. We will at last be replacing our flooring upstairs and downstairs! That’s the kitchen, dining area, lounge, hallway, two bedrooms, the en-suite and landing! 

There is a rumour going around (started by me…) that we will be having resin flooring….grey resin…

Loving the collection of Eames chairs in the last pic.

Happy weekend!

Scrumptious greys/grays and warming tones of wood…yum.

We have decided on a new engineered wooden floor throughout our apartment, upstairs and down. Engineered because it’s so much easier to put down and it will “float” on top of what is already down so there is far less mess involved. Polished concrete and resin were considered but it would be horrendous while the work was carried out and ridiculously expensive! So the search is on for the right one, we may be a while!…

Happy (Bank Holiday if you are in the UK) weekend everyone.

Pics via Chairsmith and others.

Grey Eames

Oh my god! What an absolutely stunning Time Life chair! Eames and grey all rolled into one…far too much excitement for a Friday afternoon!
Have a great weekend one and all.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone. I can’t wait to have some lovely booze tomorrow with good friends…