That’s Christmas covered…

For the last three years plus I have been doing a spoof magazine cover (sort of monthly) on the Livingetc forums called Bitchingetc and this is the newly launched Christmas cover. I try to feature forum members homes as much as possible but sometimes a little (with big devastation to my flat!) photo shoot has to be done.

I made the Eames inspired trees with cardboard and some deigns I put together incorporating the Eames bird and the Eames Office logo. I have also used the same pattern as wrapping paper. I think I may re-make the trees using MDF instead next time.

  1. Anonymous says: December 17, 20109:32 pm

    Wow wow wow what a fantabulous cover. Great taste!!!! Melafrique xxx

  2. Concrete Jungle says: December 18, 20103:01 am

    Well done! Just enough!

  3. ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE CREATIVE... says: January 18, 20112:19 pm

    Well done, I like it very much, the colors and elements of the cover.

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