Well what a week that was! It can be a mad fucked up world out there. Have a great weekend everyone, appreciate who and what you have in your life, I know I do. Stay safe.

Images via Dwell and Dezeen

Make a room pop with a dash of colour.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I’ve been doing a spot of gardening! Well, when I say gardening it’s more like buying a few plants that I like the look of, putting them in pots and hoping they survive. I’m not very green fingered to say the least. I also painted the terracotta pots black with masonry paint. I’m rather pleased with the contrast against the white of the Bertoia chairs.

The chairs are superb, I’m so glad I found and bought them. A bonus is that they don’t easily blow over like the orange Panton chairs we were using before.

There will be more of the outside coming in soon hopefully, we are at last going to be ripping out the 25 year old uPVC patio doors and replacing them with bi-fold doors which will consist of two panels like we have now but they will hinge in the middle to open right up. Our small balcony should seem so much bigger because only one door slides open at the moment which makes it difficult to access the other half of the balcony easily.

Below are a few shots of the new chairs and table which was a bargain at 50 quid instead of 350! The boat is moored below our flat and the owners have been lovingly renovating it for a few years now. Oh and that’s the Red Arrows in the last pic who just happened to be flying past a couple of weekends ago…

Well if you thought my chair addiction may be slowing down then you’d be wrong!

I’ve had my eye on the side chair designed by Harry Bertoia for quite some time now and now I have four of the little beauties. Where am I going to put them I hear you ask? They are for the balcony, well two of them are because that’s all there is room for.

I came across them last week on good old Evilbay and got all excited because they were in Cardiff which is less than an hour from me. I didn’t hold out much hope of getting them but I did and for £400 for the four! They are in great condition with minimal wear. The seller was lovely and she was very pleased that they were going to the home of a chair addict where they will be treasured for ever more.

I’ve just totted up all the chairs we have in the flat…we have 29! I think I need to stop…

More pics soon.