Graphic Design

…I swooned when I came across these gorgeous vintage Knoll posters/advertisments. They were designed by the Swiss designer Herbert Matter. There is a timelessness about them just like the design classics that they are showcasing. They still look as fresh and vibrant as when they were designed.

Herbert Matter was a design consultant for Knoll from 1946 – 1966 and was responsible for the Knoll logo, numerous advertisements, posters and the catalogue format.

I have been working on a new series of typographic prints and this is the first in the series which is now available in my Etsy shop Yumalum.

I have also been looking into having a few designs screen printed which should be happening soon. The first design to get the screen printed treatment will be my Eames rocker print in silver on black or a dark grey. There will also be some new designs on cushions too. It’s all very exciting…

I’ve always had a bit of thing for calendars and I’m loving the above vintage examples from a selection over at Grain Edit. My favourite all time calendar has to be the Stendig below which was designed in 1966 by Massimo Vignelli and taken that year into the Design Collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. I just love staring at that big old hunk of black and white Helvetica. David has bought me one for Christmas for the last two years so I’m hoping that tradition carries on year after year…