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Lovely warm wood for those dark Autumnal nights, I especially like the wall behind the bed in the third pic. I will have one of those fireplaces in the first pic one day…drool…Have a great weekend all.

A dream came true this week…I managed to get my hands on a set of four…yes four Bertoia stools! I’m in design classic seating heaven!

I was perusing Evilbay as usual and there they were, they started shouting at me instantly and well you know me, I just had to listen. David had recently said that he also liked them and was very quick to say when I dropped them into conversation “Would you like them for Christmas”! I of course weighed it up from every possible angle as a Libran does but it didn’t take me too long before I said “Yes please!!”

They really are gorgeousness on a stick and as the seller said “they’re built like tanks”. I have to agree because the build quality really is something rather special. I’m not too sure about the purple seat pads, I like them but not sure if I like them enough. I would much prefer black or grey but they are 150 quid each, what do you think?

So Merry Christmas one and all, mine has turned out to be very merry already!

Make a room pop with a dash of colour.

Have a great weekend everyone.

I’ve been doing a spot of gardening! Well, when I say gardening it’s more like buying a few plants that I like the look of, putting them in pots and hoping they survive. I’m not very green fingered to say the least. I also painted the terracotta pots black with masonry paint. I’m rather pleased with the contrast against the white of the Bertoia chairs.

The chairs are superb, I’m so glad I found and bought them. A bonus is that they don’t easily blow over like the orange Panton chairs we were using before.

There will be more of the outside coming in soon hopefully, we are at last going to be ripping out the 25 year old uPVC patio doors and replacing them with bi-fold doors which will consist of two panels like we have now but they will hinge in the middle to open right up. Our small balcony should seem so much bigger because only one door slides open at the moment which makes it difficult to access the other half of the balcony easily.

Below are a few shots of the new chairs and table which was a bargain at 50 quid instead of 350! The boat is moored below our flat and the owners have been lovingly renovating it for a few years now. Oh and that’s the Red Arrows in the last pic who just happened to be flying past a couple of weekends ago…