Poster crush…

…I swooned when I came across these gorgeous vintage Knoll posters/advertisments. They were designed by the Swiss designer Herbert Matter. There is a timelessness about them just like the design classics that they are showcasing. They still look as fresh and vibrant as when they were designed.

Herbert Matter was a design consultant for Knoll from 1946 – 1966 and was responsible for the Knoll logo, numerous advertisements, posters and the catalogue format.

  1. L.A. FOODBITCH says: November 27, 20105:14 am

    Check out , the site of the just released documentary film about Herbert Matter – interesting stuff about his life and work.

  2. SQUARE1 says: December 5, 201010:13 pm

    Absolutely fantastic. They don’t make ’em like they used to – posters nor chairs!

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