…Hello 2014! We all say where has the year gone but seriously…where has it gone!?

I always remember my lovely Grandmother, who passed away a year ago, saying to me when I was about six years old that it only seemed five minutes since something had happened a year before. I questioned how a year could be five minutes long and her reply was “You’ll understand when your older”.

So a new year means a new calendar and I have three designs available in my Etsy shop.

All are available in A3 and 50 x 70 cm poster size. If you would like a different size or colour combination then contact me on Etsy and I’ll see what I can do for you.

ESU1 ESU2I eluded to having bought something in my last post and I was waiting for it to be delivered, well it’s finally arrived! An Eames ESU and just look at it in all it’s glory.

I was doing my usual daily wander through Ebayland and there it was. I gasped. They don’t come up very often at all so I was surprised to see one.I managed to get my hands on it for £900 which is still a lot of money but considering they retail new for just over £1800 I think I got a sort of a bargain…well that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

It may look quite flimsy but let me tell you they are surprisingly heavy and awkward especially when you are trying to maneuver it up four flights of stairs. It took a while.

I’ve bought it for the chill out side of my office and it fits in perfectly. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more. I’m a very happy Eames bunny.

OFFICE7I’ve been doing  spot of decorating (with the help of my sister) and rearranging in my office/studio. It’s been a long time coming since I decided to stay in this room permanently and not move back into the loft. For one thing my two very large printers won’t fit up the revamped spiral staircase! There will be pics of the stairs soon.

It’s a large, bright room with a window and a set of patio doors with a balcony which an added bonus in the Summer. It’s been painted all white again with new Ikea Enje roller blinds which are so stupidly inexpensive, it’s amazing that they can make them for so little. It cost me £72 for four blinds, two for the patio doors and two for the window! Unfortunately they don’t do them larger than 140cm wide hence having two at the window. I also had to cut them down which was a tad tedious but I got there in the end.

The Melltorp tables in the first pic are also from Ikea and again they are a very good price, it cost a grand total of £100 for three to form the ‘L’ shape! There may be an Ikea hack involving the tables but I haven’t decided whether to do it or not. I’ll keep you posted.

OFFICE8 My idea was to zone the room, a desk/work area and a chilling out and relaxing area. To the right of the tables is my Robin Day sofa bed (pictured above), Eames chairs and a little something extra which will be delivered next Tuesday. I can’t wait and all will be revealed soon. Let’s just say it’s Eames and it holds a lot.

It isn’t totally finished yet though (who said “no surprise there”!?) because I will be doing something a bit special on the chilling out side of the room, it involves plywood and maybe some lighting. Hopefully that will be finished in a few weeks time so watch this space.



1. Melltorp table 75 x 75 cm

2. Enje roller blinds

3. Alex drawers

4. Melltorp table 125 x 75 cm


…the weekends that is. They go far too quickly but at least there’s always another one to look forward to.

I made the colourful geometric shapes as Christmas decorations but they now add a splash of much needed colour to my office in a very grey january.

I bought the perpetual calendar on my last trip to New York from CB2. I can’t see them on their website which is a real shame if they don’t stock them anymore. They do deliver to the UK but they really should open some stores over here.

Lastly, just look at that cheeky little face of my Kay Bojesen monkey, I love him. A friend visited Copenhagen before Christmas and had one (or two) on her shopping list, when she asked if I wanted her to pick one up for me I just couldn’t resist. They are available at Skandium in the UK.

Happy Monday and have a great week all.