If only they were longer…


…the weekends that is. They go far too quickly but at least there’s always another one to look forward to.

I made the colourful geometric shapes as Christmas decorations but they now add a splash of much needed colour to my office in a very grey january.

I bought the perpetual calendar on my last trip to New York from CB2. I can’t see them on their website which is a real shame if they don’t stock them anymore. They do deliver to the UK but they really should open some stores over here.

Lastly, just look at that cheeky little face of my Kay Bojesen monkey, I love him. A friend visited Copenhagen before Christmas and had one (or two) on her shopping list, when she asked if I wanted her to pick one up for me I just couldn’t resist. They are available at Skandium in the UK.

Happy Monday and have a great week all.

  1. Helent says: January 14, 20138:02 pm

    Marvellous looking new site – congratulations. Take care of that monkey now as he is very special x

  2. obsessilicious says: January 14, 20138:50 pm

    Thank you very much Lady H. The monkey rules the roost!

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