design classics

Well if you thought my chair addiction may be slowing down then you’d be wrong!

I’ve had my eye on the side chair designed by Harry Bertoia for quite some time now and now I have four of the little beauties. Where am I going to put them I hear you ask? They are for the balcony, well two of them are because that’s all there is room for.

I came across them last week on good old Evilbay and got all excited because they were in Cardiff which is less than an hour from me. I didn’t hold out much hope of getting them but I did and for £400 for the four! They are in great condition with minimal wear. The seller was lovely and she was very pleased that they were going to the home of a chair addict where they will be treasured for ever more.

I’ve just totted up all the chairs we have in the flat…we have 29! I think I need to stop…

More pics soon.

At last I’ve taken a few pics of our new Eames black chairs from Pink Flamingos. Unfortunately as much as I loved my Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, they just didn’t look or fit right around the Saarinen Tulip dining table. I’m sure they would look fine around the larger version but under ours they looked awkward and protruded out far too much. They played on my mind like nails being pulled down a chalkboard.

These black beauties are perfection. Having the same colour has unified the look and black has really brought out the veining of the table. We will have six of them when the other two arrive but we have discussed (and this surprisingly came from David!) that we get another black Eames upholstered arm shell so that we can have one either end of the table.

Is my chair addiction sated? For the moment yes but one thing that I do want is for that flooring to go! I put it down nearly ten years ago and it’s well past it’s sell by date!

…It’s here at last! Our Christmas present to each other is now in place, although David has said that it’s really more for me than it is for him which is fine by me because it means it’s all mine. We had delays picking it up because of the snowfall earlier this month, it was then not in the warehouse where it was supposed to be and the van of the friend who was going to pick it up had to have the gearbox replaced. I was chomping at the bit for it’s eventual arrival.

It took three of us to move the marble table top to the third floor. Although I had carefully measured the flights of stairs and landings it was still tricky getting all twenty stone of it around the corners! There was a lot of huffing and puffing and it took us the best part of an hour to finally reach the top. It also has to be moved vertically as much as possible which added yet more complications.

The best part of all this is that I managed to get the table for half price! I won’t go into details but lets just say my thanks go out to a very helpful woman who made it possible.

Even at half price it was still a lot of money and we have never spent so much money on each other for Christmas before and probably never will again. Was it worth it? Oh yes! It is absolutely beautiful and everything you expect or want it to be.

Next thing…the chairs! Unfortunately the Series 7’s do not go. The colours are wrong but more importantly they do not sit under the table very well because of the width of the legs but new ones (unless I come across an absolute bargain!) will have to wait…we are spent out!

We have had an awful lot of snow and it’s whiter than white…

Have a great weekend everyone!