Summer classics…

Well if you thought my chair addiction may be slowing down then you’d be wrong!

I’ve had my eye on the side chair designed by Harry Bertoia for quite some time now and now I have four of the little beauties. Where am I going to put them I hear you ask? They are for the balcony, well two of them are because that’s all there is room for.

I came across them last week on good old Evilbay and got all excited because they were in Cardiff which is less than an hour from me. I didn’t hold out much hope of getting them but I did and for £400 for the four! They are in great condition with minimal wear. The seller was lovely and she was very pleased that they were going to the home of a chair addict where they will be treasured for ever more.

I’ve just totted up all the chairs we have in the flat…we have 29! I think I need to stop…

More pics soon.
  1. Nick Klaus says: July 20, 20114:37 am

    Love the Bertoia chairs. I was this close to picking some up for myself this week. On the other hand, I do currently have 10 chairs in an apartment that has only 1 person it it. Maybe I have an addiction too.

  2. Juliab says: July 20, 20118:09 am

    29, is that all?! They’re fab. Where are the other two going – either side of the patio doors? If you do get the bi-folding doors, then you could have two on the balcony and two on the inside, pretending to be outside! Surely you need a new coffee table to go with…

  3. nordicbliss says: July 20, 20111:22 pm

    Oh Bertoia! They are so beautiful. Definitely worth every pennie! Is it appropriate to say congratulations? 🙂

  4. Annie Hall says: July 23, 20118:59 am

    You either need to stop buying or have a party for all your blog followers so that we can try them out. Musical Mid Century Modern Chairs? I think it might catch on.

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