Sitting up high…

A dream came true this week…I managed to get my hands on a set of four…yes four Bertoia stools! I’m in design classic seating heaven!

I was perusing Evilbay as usual and there they were, they started shouting at me instantly and well you know me, I just had to listen. David had recently said that he also liked them and was very quick to say when I dropped them into conversation “Would you like them for Christmas”! I of course weighed it up from every possible angle as a Libran does but it didn’t take me too long before I said “Yes please!!”

They really are gorgeousness on a stick and as the seller said “they’re built like tanks”. I have to agree because the build quality really is something rather special. I’m not too sure about the purple seat pads, I like them but not sure if I like them enough. I would much prefer black or grey but they are 150 quid each, what do you think?

So Merry Christmas one and all, mine has turned out to be very merry already!

  1. Cast and Crew says: December 24, 20117:42 pm

    Absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing your insanely awesome Christmas present. P.s. I like the purple cushions!

  2. ALL ABOUT CHOCOLATE CREATIVE... says: February 9, 20125:13 pm

    what I think?that u are very lucky haha…I am after a couple of them for my dinning table but they are so over my budget. I am currently bidding for a sideboard but i am carp at Ebay, lets see…anyway they look fav.

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