Happy Friday!

It’s been a very busy few weeks around here. I’ve been working with a NYC based company on an exciting project and all will be revealed soon. Orders have been flooding in for my Instant series of prints and I haven’t stopped. They’ve sold like hot cakes!

We nearly moved! It was a mad moment on Easter Sunday afternoon after viewing a townhouse but we love our apartment so much that we have decided to stay put and finish it once and for all. So over the next few months you will be seeing us ripping up flooring, ripping out the en-suite (again!) and generally getting it to where we want it to be…at last.

Anyway, happy weekend! have a good one.

At last I’ve taken a few pics of our new Eames black chairs from Pink Flamingos. Unfortunately as much as I loved my Arne Jacobsen Series 7 chairs, they just didn’t look or fit right around the Saarinen Tulip dining table. I’m sure they would look fine around the larger version but under ours they looked awkward and protruded out far too much. They played on my mind like nails being pulled down a chalkboard.

These black beauties are perfection. Having the same colour has unified the look and black has really brought out the veining of the table. We will have six of them when the other two arrive but we have discussed (and this surprisingly came from David!) that we get another black Eames upholstered arm shell so that we can have one either end of the table.

Is my chair addiction sated? For the moment yes but one thing that I do want is for that flooring to go! I put it down nearly ten years ago and it’s well past it’s sell by date!

…It may not have escaped your attention that there is a retro, mid century vibe going on with designers and High Street stores plundering the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s for inspiration. Colours are fresh and fun with graphic shapes and more than a dash of nostalgia. Perfect for the (hopefully!) warmer weather around the corner…

1. Jonathan Adler’s Mrs Godfrey Chair from $1,495.

2. Harlequin Claudia table lamp from good old John Lewis.

3. Rie planters from Habitat. Priced from £35 for the small citrus, £45 for the medium chive and £55 for the large turquoise. Available from May. I need some for my balcony.

4. Claude walnut gossip bench set $1, 890. Yep, I can just see me sat on there on the phone for hours having a good old gossip.

5. Talking of being on the phone,you can get this Trimphone by I Love Retro on Brighton Pod (great site BTW!). Available in green, white, red, turquoise, purple and orange. Priced at £36.95. Glamorous bargain!

6. The Acapulco chair is a re-issue of the 50’s classic and takes it name from the Pacific resort. The frame is solid steel with a plastic cord seat. Available in black, yellow, blue and petrol blue. Handmade in Mexico and costs £295. I would love a couple for my balcony but it’s far too small.

7. The Lyon tables from M&S. These two colour variations will be available soon. From £49.

8. Loving this Molecule building set from Ferm Living and priced at 54 Euros…I need one!

Happy weekend everyone and happy shopping.

…six of them in fact. Since buying the Saarinen Tulip table recently I have been rather perturbed that our Arne Jacobsen chairs just don’t look right with it. It’s the legs, they are quite wide and they stick out far too much for my liking.

So the hunt was on for something new but it was more like day dreaming to be honest because of the expense of the table. I rather stupidly ( it got the better of me! ) wandered over to Pink Flamingos where I’ve bought most of my Eames chairs and rockers from. I knew they had to be Eames, black and I was edging towards dowel bases…..and there they were! My heart skipped a beat as per usual which is part of the course and I obsessed about them all week. They are apparently in immaculate condition and produced in 1969. Black ones are becoming more rare and they were actually produced for the commercial sector. The ever helpful (and very patient!) Justin has been superb as usual, they are currently being shipped from America and I should have them in about three weeks. I recently bought another black beauty from him and it would look great paired with another one at either end of the table. That’s me day dreaming again though because with the table and the six new chairs we are spent out!

If you have something particular in mind then do get in touch with Justin at Pink Flamingos because he will probably be able to source it for you.