Take a seat…

…six of them in fact. Since buying the Saarinen Tulip table recently I have been rather perturbed that our Arne Jacobsen chairs just don’t look right with it. It’s the legs, they are quite wide and they stick out far too much for my liking.

So the hunt was on for something new but it was more like day dreaming to be honest because of the expense of the table. I rather stupidly ( it got the better of me! ) wandered over to Pink Flamingos where I’ve bought most of my Eames chairs and rockers from. I knew they had to be Eames, black and I was edging towards dowel bases…..and there they were! My heart skipped a beat as per usual which is part of the course and I obsessed about them all week. They are apparently in immaculate condition and produced in 1969. Black ones are becoming more rare and they were actually produced for the commercial sector. The ever helpful (and very patient!) Justin has been superb as usual, they are currently being shipped from America and I should have them in about three weeks. I recently bought another black beauty from him and it would look great paired with another one at either end of the table. That’s me day dreaming again though because with the table and the six new chairs we are spent out!

If you have something particular in mind then do get in touch with Justin at Pink Flamingos because he will probably be able to source it for you.
  1. Mathieu says: February 27, 20114:26 pm

    Congrats, I want to see them with your tulip. I also just ordered 4 DSW but I have no table yet, any one you’ll suggest?
    Great blog by the way!

  2. Dana@Mid2Mod says: February 27, 20115:15 pm

    Great choice! They will look spectacular with your tulip table. It was simply in the stars for you to have them, I think.

  3. chairsmith says: February 27, 20119:15 pm

    They look fabulous – lucky ole you!

  4. obsessilicious says: February 27, 201111:38 pm

    Lady Luck was certainly shining down on me and tempting me with spending yet more money! They will look gorgeous and I can’t wait for them to arrive, I’m counting the days already. This will be the last of my chair buying for quite some time…

    Hi Mathieu and welcome. Thank you for the blog loving. What colour have you gone for? I will have a think about a table and get back to you.

  5. Janne says: February 28, 201110:41 am


  6. Mathieu says: February 28, 20117:47 pm

    @obsessilicious My chairs are white,I was thinking about a tulip table too with a wooden top. I also have a Arco lamp so the tulip seem to be a good pick but what else would you think about?
    Also I don’t have a lot of place in my parisian appartement

  7. Erik says: March 18, 20113:58 pm

    It will look great, and you’re right, one rarely sees the black ones.

    Where are you located by the way?

  8. obsessilicious says: March 18, 20116:33 pm

    Mathieu…Sorry for the late reply. Yes, the Tulip with a wooden top would look good, the only thing is is that they are very expensive and the wood isn’t a solid wood, it’s veneered. For that amount of money I would want solid wood. I have something else in mind, I will find the link and get back to you.

  9. obsessilicious says: March 18, 20116:34 pm

    Erik…Love your blog! I’m based in South Wales in the UK.

  10. Mathieu says: March 28, 201110:19 pm

    @obsessilicious indeed the wood top tulip table is very expensive 2620€ for the 91cm version (got the price from knoll) so I actually already ordered a replica much cheaper, will see the quality… But I’m really interested to see what else you’re thinking about

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