Imagine a huge magazine delivered to your door every day with ever changing content and the ability to add whatever you like…well it already exists and it’s called Pinterest.

I remember hearing rumblings about a rapidly growing site a couple of years ago and it wasn’t long before I was completely hooked. At last there was the ultimate scrapbooking experience which didn’t involve a pair of scissors, getting Pritt Stick all over your hands and ruining your favourite magazines. Of course you could bookmark images but that’s a lonely old experience. Now you can engage with fellow like minded people, have a discussion about what you have pinned and network with other bloggers and designers. It’s like one big never ending conveyer belt of inspiration. What I didn’t know back then was just how addictive it would become, spending hours at a time drooling and lusting over image after image and looking forward to my next fix.




I was surprised when I realised that I’ve now got thirty boards on the go ranging from architecture, places I’ve been, things I’m lusting after, chairs (of course!), Eames (as if they wouldn’t be included!), everything and anything that I want to include. Whether your planning on revamping a room, organising a party, planning a holiday and where to go or planning your wedding, you can have all those images in one place. When you Pin a pic from a website it also links back to it so you easily find out where you came across it. The Apps are also very good, I do a lot of my Pinning on my iPad but I also use my iPhone and an absolute must is the Pin It button which can be placed in your toolbar. Even my partner looks at my ‘Lust, need, want’ board to give him ideas of what to buy me for my birthday and Christmas. How deliciously perfect.

So imagine my excitement when I received a mail from Pinterest asking me to take part in the Pin It Forward UK Campaign! Although it’s been around since 2010 it was never officially launched, it just grew into what it is today. Now for us in the UK there is a huge fanfare involving fantastic UK bloggers to spread the word about the launch of a UK specific Pinterest. It will look the same and have the same domain name but you will be shown more UK relevant content.

In the spirit of Pin It Forward UK I now pass the baton to Paula Holmes of The P-Ho Diaries and make sure to check out her fantastic blog.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re not addicted already…get Pinning!