Mad mania.



It’s begun. The build up to the much anticipated sixth season of  Mad Men is in full force after the return date of April 7th was announced.

What has become of our favourite characters? Who’s with who? What year is it? (apparently there is a jump in time to 1969). Will it still be ‘Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce’ after the demise of Lane Pryce (played by the marvelous Jared Harris)?

Speculation will be rife over the next few months especially after these ridiculously gorgeous new promo shots were released.

I’m counting the days…

  1. Gerard @WalnutGrey says: January 25, 20133:16 pm

    Don & Joan… Don & Joan… Don & Joan… just the best characters. These promo shots are beautiful.

  2. obsessilicious says: January 29, 20134:42 pm

    I really liked the relationship between don and joan in Season 5. So many great characters in one show!

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