Front page news…

I was really pleased and surprised yesterday to see my Biglove print had made it onto the front page of Etsy! Thank you very much!!!
  1. Raina says: April 5, 20096:59 pm


  2. griffo68 says: April 5, 20097:32 pm

    Thanks Raina, thankfully I didn’t share the honour with an avalanche of felt pebbles!!!!!! LOL!

  3. Melafrique says: April 5, 20097:44 pm

    Cool. congrats Griffo.

  4. Leigh says: April 6, 20092:04 am

    That is so great!!! Congrats on the well-deserved spotlight 🙂

  5. Dee Beale says: April 10, 20099:07 am


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