I don’t mean to offend…

…but I’m absolutely loving this poster design by Alison Carmichael! It made my sister and I howl with laughter on the phone yesterday!

  1. Likklesis says: February 24, 20106:12 pm

    FPMSL It’s beautiful!!!
    I want one above my bed………

  2. Bumpkin on a Swing says: February 24, 20106:47 pm

    You can dress it up, but it is what it is!

    I love this, I may have violated company policy with the boisterous laugh that was a result of this post!

    You are a favorite!

  3. amyoliver says: February 24, 20109:23 pm

    Hilarious!! FPMSL!! I guess you will be picking one up for your office, would look great with the grey floors???

  4. MissMapp says: February 25, 201010:35 am

    She designed this ages ago to show off her hand lettering — I am sure there was a pull out version in Creative Review. Absolutely wonderful though. Wish I had kept it!!

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