Sideboard sigh…

…sighing because I have at last got my hands on a gorgeous sideboard! I had been watching it for a week and I had seen a few of the same design go in the past but had always lost out on them so I was determined that it was going to be mine.

There was a minute left and I was poised and ready thinking that the price was going to go stratospheric so I placed my bid…..but oh fuck I wasn’t logged in and the interboogle slowed down! I kept my cool, my heart racing and hoped for the best and yes I won by a half of a second! I got it for a fantastic £132 as well! I couldn’t believe it, fate was on my side and it was meant to be.

It was designed by Nils Jonsson and was made for Troeds Bjarnum of Sweden in the 1960’s. Mine is called the “Trento” and is solid teak. Below are a couple of variations of another version called the “Florens”…

…The one below is mine and gorgeous it looks too. It’s in very good condition apart from a little damage on the bottom of the left door which is hardly noticeable and could be easily repaired.

Below is another variation of the “Trento” and mine may just end up looking like it…

  1. Raina Cox says: July 8, 20101:48 pm

    Congrats to you, my friend!

    Have you ever heard of Gixen? It’s an eBay sniper program. You enter the highest bid you’re prepared to pay and Gixen places you bid at the last possible second:

    Oh, and it’s free!

  2. greybreaks says: July 8, 20103:04 pm

    congrats, lovely piece and a great price!

  3. THE BRICK HOUSE says: July 8, 20107:29 pm

    wowser. that makes me hot.

    I’m on the hunt right now for the perfect media credenza…so jealous.

  4. sherri says: July 11, 20101:45 pm

    that is just gorgeous. congratulations!

  5. Jenn Ski says: July 13, 20102:11 am

    I want the second one from the top in my hallway… now!!!

  6. Tyler (plastolux) says: July 16, 20104:52 pm

    Nice work! Don’t you just love the rush from sniping on eBay.

    I too love the black and white doors.

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