Sitting pretty…

I managed to win a new chair on Evilbay today to add to my growing (out of control!??) collection. It’s a gorgeous Kelly green upholstered side chair on a star base and it cost me all of £43! An absolute bargain, although David wasn’t amused at first (before he found out how much it cost) because of the rather large impending purchase we are about to make.

I think I may end up needing a way to display all of my chairs eventually, maybe like something in the above pic!?? OR a chair museum! I would love my very own museum dedicated to chairs. People could touch (maybe…) but definitely not sit!

Pics of the new chair and more info on the very exciting purchase coming soon…
  1. Mrs Elliott says: November 16, 20109:26 pm

    Very jealous! Saw the pic on Twitter earlier. I never get bargains like that! Looking forward to pics of the growing ‘herd’ :o)

  2. Anonymous says: January 6, 201112:49 am

    I didn’t deliberate as much as I should have before buying the 2 chairs that would fit in my living room. I jumped on a steal of a price for 2 black leather Barcelona chairs on Ebay. Of course, they are gorgeous, but I think I like chairs even more than I like lamps. I am constantly tempted by different and new models out there.

    We have 2 sofas in the living room as well, and all the furniture is practically new so we’re going to have it for a while. Anyway, I just wasn’t thinking that I’d be envious of people who have the luxury of buying chairs. Now all I have to look forward to are dining room chairs, and they aren’t nearly as fun.

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