Work + Rest + Play.

OFFICE7I’ve been doing  spot of decorating (with the help of my sister) and rearranging in my office/studio. It’s been a long time coming since I decided to stay in this room permanently and not move back into the loft. For one thing my two very large printers won’t fit up the revamped spiral staircase! There will be pics of the stairs soon.

It’s a large, bright room with a window and a set of patio doors with a balcony which an added bonus in the Summer. It’s been painted all white again with new Ikea Enje roller blinds which are so stupidly inexpensive, it’s amazing that they can make them for so little. It cost me £72 for four blinds, two for the patio doors and two for the window! Unfortunately they don’t do them larger than 140cm wide hence having two at the window. I also had to cut them down which was a tad tedious but I got there in the end.

The Melltorp tables in the first pic are also from Ikea and again they are a very good price, it cost a grand total of £100 for three to form the ‘L’ shape! There may be an Ikea hack involving the tables but I haven’t decided whether to do it or not. I’ll keep you posted.

OFFICE8 My idea was to zone the room, a desk/work area and a chilling out and relaxing area. To the right of the tables is my Robin Day sofa bed (pictured above), Eames chairs and a little something extra which will be delivered next Tuesday. I can’t wait and all will be revealed soon. Let’s just say it’s Eames and it holds a lot.

It isn’t totally finished yet though (who said “no surprise there”!?) because I will be doing something a bit special on the chilling out side of the room, it involves plywood and maybe some lighting. Hopefully that will be finished in a few weeks time so watch this space.



1. Melltorp table 75 x 75 cm

2. Enje roller blinds

3. Alex drawers

4. Melltorp table 125 x 75 cm

  1. Helent says: March 1, 20139:18 pm

    A dream workspace

  2. obsessilicious says: March 1, 201311:48 pm

    Ta moochly Lady H.

  3. Amyoliver says: March 3, 201310:18 am

    Looks fantastic. Light is lovely in that room.

  4. obsessilicious says: March 3, 201310:43 am

    Thanks AO. The light is very nice in the room even though it’s north facing and I’m very lucky in that there is a window and patio doors. The sun sets through the window on the left and the room just glows.

    I’m really pleased with the Ikea Enje roller blinds because they diffuse the light beautifully. They’re made using a translucent fabric so I can still see the world go by outside.

  5. Chiara says: March 5, 20132:30 pm

    It looks like a beautiful, clean space to work. I had no idea that Ikea blinds were so affordable. I have big windows and getting blinds to fit them always fills me with fear when I here the cost. I look forward to seeing the chill-out side of the room when it’s finished!

  6. obsessilicious says: March 6, 20137:55 am

    @chiara… Thank you for dropping by and for the compliments.

    The Ikea Enje blinds are very cheap. I was told by Ikea that they can’t be cut down but they can albeit a tedious and sometimes frustrating job.

    More pics soon.

  7. Ottoyanna says: March 6, 20136:03 pm

    Nice work spaces!

  8. obsessilicious says: March 8, 201312:25 am

    @Ottoyanna Thank you very much. I’m very pleased with it so far.

  9. Latrina says: April 12, 201311:25 pm

    Very cool work space! I’m loving that huge calendar too. And I really like how you separated your work station + the lounge area. Mine is like that as well and I love it!

    I am currently in the middle of revamping my office, too. 🙂 It’s so much fun. I am just thankful I finally have the space to do so. 🙂

    Loving your blog, btw! As you can tell from all the comments 😉

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