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I’ve been a very busy bee lately and I haven’t been paying enough attention to my obsessive little world! I’m very sorry for that but hopefully there will be a completely new revamp around these parts in the new year. 

I’ve been busy making lots of geometric decorations and tags as you can see above, hope you like them.

Anyway, have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

image FF3 image image FF2


Lovely warm wood for those dark Autumnal nights, I especially like the wall behind the bed in the third pic. I will have one of those fireplaces in the first pic one day…drool…Have a great weekend all.

It’s nearly the weekend again! What are you all up to? Anything interesting or glamorous or just a bit of DIY?

There will be quite a lot of DIY and building work going on at Obsessilicious Towers over the next few months. We will at last be replacing our flooring upstairs and downstairs! That’s the kitchen, dining area, lounge, hallway, two bedrooms, the en-suite and landing! 

There is a rumour going around (started by me…) that we will be having resin flooring….grey resin…

Loving the collection of Eames chairs in the last pic.

Happy weekend!

Well what a week that was! It can be a mad fucked up world out there. Have a great weekend everyone, appreciate who and what you have in your life, I know I do. Stay safe.

Images via Dwell and Dezeen