I’ve bought another Eames chair! I just couldn’t resist (and I really did try!) when I saw this sexy little number. I’ve never come across a black naughyde upholstered and black shell before for sale so my heart was all of a flutter. It came on a black H base but I also bought a dowel base which I think looks rather special.

I bought it from Pink Flamingos which is where I have bought the majority of my chairs.

Where is it going to go? No idea at the moment…I just had to have it…

I have been meaning to tell you all about one of my latest purchases, a melamine Krenit Salad bowl and severs. They were included on my recent obsesslist and I could wait no longer. The salad severs were recently reissued by Norman Copenhagen along with the bowl, it’s the same design by Herbert Krenchel which was launched onto the world in 1953 but in a new material. I was concerned that the bowl wouldn’t be as gorgeous as the originals I bought but it is just in a different way.

I also bought the Habitat floor lamp which was on my list for the loft and there will be pics soon. I’ve been hard at work up there and it’s getting there slowly. I have just been informed that something else which is on the list will be a birthday present from David and it’s something I have lusted after for a very long time with a hefty price tag! I can’t wait and I know the perfect place for it!!!

…white, white, and more white with a dash of wood and a pinch of black. Simple,clean, graphic and fresh. I will be carrying on with the painting of the flat over the next few days. Happy (May Day Bank Holiday in the UK) weekend everyone!