We have had two anniversaries in the last two weeks, it’s been nine years since my partner (we got married in a civil ceremony in 2007) David and I got together after knowing each other for three years. He bought me the Pantone cufflinks and keyring above and I was so pleased, he has learnt and listened well. He can now go out into the world and be confident that what he is buying me I will like! LOL! Having this blog helps him enormously though because It’s like a big catalogue of everything I like so if your partner constantly gets it wrong or buys you useless crap then my advice would be to start a blog!
Availabe from Sonia Spencer

I have wanted to design a print using an Eames rocker for a while…so here it is! It will be available in different colour combinations and will be available very soon.
UPDATE…They are now available in my Etsy shop yumalum! 🙂

I’m loving this although I could never actually complete the original…three sides was the most I ever did! Rubik (Rubik+Pantone) by Ignacio Pilotto. Via SwissMiss

Pantone badge concept.