A selection of design deliciousness. I wonder if I’ll find any of them under our tree on Christmas morning (hint hint!)…


1. Eames ‘Dot Pattern’ wool blanket by Vitra. Need it! Available at Nest.

2. Kranium. I just love this little wooden skull with a secret compartment “for keeping memories”. Available from Acne Jr.

3. Pia Wallen Cross Tray. Available at Pia Wallen.

4. Handmade felt dome cushion. Gorgeous quality (and I’m not just saying it!) and all handmade using pure Merino wool by my sister in a tiny Welsh village. Available at Knitnations.

5. Kubus Bowl. Available from Story North.

6. Leff Amsterdam Tile25 Clock. Available at Design55.

7. ‘YES’ print in sizes A3 and 50 x 70cm. Custom colours and other sizes available upon request. Available…ahem…in my Etsy shop Yumalum.

8. Unit Portables 13inch Shoulder Bag in charcoal. I’ve got the black version of this bag and they are superb. Available at Unit Portables.

9. Perpetual Calendar designed by Massimo Vignelli. Available from Nava Design.


Happy Christmas shopping!


…Hello 2014! We all say where has the year gone but seriously…where has it gone!?

I always remember my lovely Grandmother, who passed away a year ago, saying to me when I was about six years old that it only seemed five minutes since something had happened a year before. I questioned how a year could be five minutes long and her reply was “You’ll understand when your older”.

So a new year means a new calendar and I have three designs available in my Etsy shop.

All are available in A3 and 50 x 70 cm poster size. If you would like a different size or colour combination then contact me on Etsy and I’ll see what I can do for you.


Aflooring1Well I’ve been saying for so long that we needed to replace our flooring and we’ve gone and done it at last! We haven’t just replaced the first floor of our flat either, we took the plunge and decided to do the upstairs at the same time! There were moments leading up to the start of the work when I thought what the hell have we signed up for!

We had been looking for the ideal floor for a few years, we’d considered engineered wood flooring, real wood flooring, resin, microscreed and polished concrete. There were negatives with all of them especially the resin, microscreed and polished concrete because we live on the top three floors of an apartment block and the cost implications were huge plus the added cost of getting the materials up all of the stairs (we don’t have a lift!). Then by chance we spotted a very large floor tile on an Australian interiors show called The Block. I started digging around the internet straight away to see who the manufacturer was and if they were available in the UK. Low and behold we had bought tiles from the same company before for our kitchen and bathroom floors! I phoned our local independent tile warehouse Glamorgan Tiles and yes they were able to ship them from Italy! We were on the floor of cloud nine.

The tiles are porcelain and are made to look like concrete and very convincing they are too. They’re also heavy and very large measuring 60 x 120 cm! They are made by an Italian company called Viva Ceramica and as I said we already had their tiles in our kitchen and bathroom so we knew the quality was very good. They’re certainly not cheap but we did get a very handsome discount. Unfortunately we did have a lot of tiles that had chipped corners and couldn’t be used and on top of that the Italian factory closed down for two weeks for the annual holiday. The tilers had finished upstairs and the lounge, hallway and bathroom downstairs but we were left with a half finished floor in the kitchen and dining area. It was a very frustrating and long four weeks waiting for the replacement tiles to arrive and the tilers to be able to fit us in to finish the job.

The tiling company we used are a local company called RDL Tiling Services, they will travel all over the UK so if you need someone I would highly recommend them. The job they’ve done for us is superb and I think you all know how picky I am!


It took four men most of the day to bring up 132sq metres of tiles, countless bags of adhesive and grout etc up to our flat on the third floor.


Ironically our flat more or less looked finished before I ripped up the laminate flooring. We had a few problems to solve including where the wall used to be which we removed about six years ago. Nothing a bit of self levelling compound can’t solve though.

Aflooring6 Aflooring8

We had to move out for a week but luckily for David he was away with work for most of it. I did spend a few nights on my own on a mattress amongst the devastation of the flat.

It’s so nice to be rid of the laminate that I put down twelve years ago and now have uniform floors throughout. Yes it was madness, complete mayhem at times and a long hard slog but it was most definitely worth it.

Oh, did I mention that we also decided to add the ripping out and re-tiling of our en-suite to the job? We were going to be replacing the floor in there so we thought we may as well…then we decided to replace the shower, the taps, the washbasin…lot’s more pics coming soon…






Well it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything here to say the least! I’m sorry it’s been so long but it’s been non stop here over the Summer. Obsessilicious Towers was somewhat ripped apart and put back together…well sort of back together.

We now have new floors throughout! I’ve been banging on for quite literally years that I hated ( with a passion!) the laminate flooring that I installed twelve (!!!) years ago and we are now finally rid of it! The day I carried all of it down three flights of stairs and dumped it in our skip was a very happy day indeed. I took lots of pics during the renovations and there will be blog posts over the next few weeks. We still have a few jobs to finish ( including our revamped en-suite and walk-in wardrobe area ) but we are very pleased with the end result. It has quite literally transformed our flat.

Happy weekend!