Friday Feast…






FF3‘Twas the Friday before Christmas and panic has set in! We are going away for the night and we still have lots to do when we return tomorrow! We’ve cleared twelve years of DIY this week in preparation for family staying over the Christmas period. I can’t believe we got rid of so much at last in just one day.

We had a Christmas tree disaster yesterday which was stressful beyond belief! We now have a tree but it’s not quite what you might be expecting. It’s certainly not what I was expecting. There will be pics of my decorations in the next few days…once I’ve actually made them!

Have a great weekend.


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  1. CliftonInteriors says: December 31, 20132:44 am

    We love that first picture! Makes us wish we weren’t stuck over here in ever-rainy Britain for the holiday season! CliftonInteriors

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