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Well it’s been quite a while since I last posted anything here to say the least! I’m sorry it’s been so long but it’s been non stop here over the Summer. Obsessilicious Towers was somewhat ripped apart and put back together…well sort of back together.

We now have new floors throughout! I’ve been banging on for quite literally years that I hated ( with a passion!) the laminate flooring that I installed twelve (!!!) years ago and we are now finally rid of it! The day I carried all of it down three flights of stairs and dumped it in our skip was a very happy day indeed. I took lots of pics during the renovations and there will be blog posts over the next few weeks. We still have a few jobs to finish ( including our revamped en-suite and walk-in wardrobe area ) but we are very pleased with the end result. It has quite literally transformed our flat.

Happy weekend!

  1. Julie says: November 7, 20131:18 pm

    Great selection of pictures – and I’ll look forward to seeing the updates from your flat!

  2. Nick Cee says: November 28, 20135:53 pm

    Looking forward to your new pics.

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