Friday Feast…

AFF6AFF9AFF1AFF5AFF3Yay, it’s nearly the weekend and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one! I smell Summer!

I’ve devoted this weeks pics to the great outdoors and it just goes to show that you don’t have to have a huge space to be able to create something a little bit special. We only have a small balcony but I can’t complain considering we look out onto a marina.

Whatever you’re up to, have a good one and enjoy the sun

  1. Becky - pretty dandy says: May 31, 20138:54 pm

    I love these, especially the last – it looks so inviting. I can’t help wonder what those steps lead down to, too.

  2. obsessilicious says: May 31, 20139:09 pm

    I hope the steps lead down to a cosy secret garden area. Perfect.

    I love the space in the second pic which I assume to be New York. The furniture is wrong though. I’d have an L shaped sofa area against the wall.

  3. Chiara says: July 8, 201311:00 am

    I love the first image. I think sitting there with a cup of coffee and a good book would be nothing short of bliss.

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