Friday feast

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We are off to New York next week so this weeks feast is a collection of delicious lofts.

We’ve decided to do something completely different this time and not stay in a hotel. Instead we’ve rented a rather nice loft in the heart of SoHo. It’s something we’ve thought about doing before but just never got around to doing it, a hotel has always seemed to be the easier option but after using Airbnb it was a breeze. The only annoying part of it was finding a gorgeous loft, gasp and then realise that it wasn’t available for the dates we are there.

Anyway, there will be lots of pics of our loft and New York so keeps your eyes on my Instagram feed.

Have a great weekend.

FF28 FF43 FF19 Eames3 FF35

Loving all the wood and everything Eames in this week’s choices.

I will be starting my office/studio revamp next week at last! It’s long overdue and I’ve been so busy that I just keep putting it off so I’m taking the plunge. All I will say is that it involves a lot of painting, new blinds, marine plywood and a few hidden surprises. I first have to start sorting through all of my stock etc and there’s a lot!

I’ve  managed to get my hands on a couple of beauties this week that I’ve been lusting after for quite a while. One of them is for my new office space once it’s finished and actually appears in the above pics. Can you guess what it is?

Whatever you’re up to, have a great weekend.

FF30 FF39 FF42 FF15 FF40


I wouldn’t say no to the view in the first pic for the next few days!

I’m not sure what it is but there’s something about the office in the second pic. It feels very grown up but still sort of quirky and I love the colour of the two Eileen Gray chairs.

I’m loving the colour palette of the third pic. Wood and blue just seem to pop when together.

The space in fourth pic is to die for. I would love it to be my office/studio space, I’d never want to leave work.

The last pic is a superb space for entertaining and I do have a thing for marble in kitchens and bathrooms at the moment.

Have a great weekend.

FF27 FF26 FF25 FF24


Oh to be lounging in the first pic right now and not in the grip of winter. I want need that black lamp in the second pic. Loving the gorgeous colours in the painting in the third pic.

We’ve had a spot of decorating done in the flat this week and I’ve been very tempted to rush out and buy a can of yellow paint and paint a wall on our landing…it may still happen…

Have a great weekend all and stay warm.