These Pantone baubles are just perfect for all the designers out there or anyone else for that matter. Dig into your turkey at the same time as matching a colour for your latest design job maybe….

Pantone Christmas baubles from Selab Studio for Seletti

We have had an awful lot of snow and it’s whiter than white…

Have a great weekend everyone!

Can you believe that in all the excitement, panic and ups and downs of the last few weeks getting the rental flat finished (pics coming soon!) that I forgot to mention that I have a new Apple iPhone at last! My contract after eighteen long months is finally up for renewal which meant being able to get my hands on the phone of my dreams. It’s my first non-Nokia mobile ( sorry Nokia but you just ain’t cutting it anymore) and it’s amazing. I phone people on it just so that I can experience its sheer beauty and ease of use. As you can see I have already downloaded the myPantone application and I can also control our Sonos music system with it. David has turned me into a gadget hungry freak!

…..apparently it’s this years BIG colour trend. So there, you have been told! I do find it slightly annoying when we are dictated to as to what colour we MUST have to be “fashionable”!
Have you got “Mimosa” in your home yet? If not then why not? You must have it…NOW! Oh whatever! Saturday morning rant is now over…..deep breath…..