Don’t they just look good enough to eat!

These gorgeous paint colours are by the fabulous duo who are Mini Moderns. Famous for their gorgeous textiles, wallpapers and ceramics, they have now created their very own paint range to co-ordinate.

But it doesn’t stop there, the paint contains up to 90% recycled content! Who knew!? Their specialist paint manufacturers have reprocessed waste water based paint to create a premium grade matt emulsion with a chalky finish which means less waste going into landfill or being incinerated.




The range consists of 12 to die for colours and is is available in a 2.5 litre size and a very handy 250ml ‘Project Pot’ size, the latter coming in very handy for a small DIY makeover.

I will be revamping my office/studio in the next month or so and I have my eye on a few of the colours for a feature wall behind my Robin Day Sofa Bed. Maybe the ‘Pale Verdigris’ or the ‘British Lichen’ or the ‘Welsh Slate’ or…

I’ll be ordering my colour card today and you can get your hands on one by sending an email with your address to At the moment it only ships within the UK.



…then stand back and admire.I decided to name this blog post after one of my favourite Interboogle blogs by the fabulous and lovely Raina because the Random lampshade sure does fit perfectly in our stairwell.

My planks of wood were delivered (it’s handy having a sister-in-law whose boyfriend owns a lumber yard) and I cut them to fit across the gap, fitted them into place and spent most of last Sunday painting the stairwell with Dulux Absolute White. Then came the long awaited moment of fitting the new lampshade. It was a bit tricky because the whole thing has to be fitted in one piece but (with a little help from David who held the shade out of the way) I eventually managed to do it and what a difference it makes. It has transformed what has always been a boring, tall and dead space into something rather special. The gap between the shade and the walls is only about 8cm either side so it creates the most amazing shadows all over the walls. It does actually look much bigger in real life. I couldn’t be happier…

…Well it’s nearly the weekend! YAY! The weather is absolutely gorgeous here at the moment and is supposed to be great all weekend, what will you be up to!?? I will be up a ladder trying to finish the painting of the stairwell and the landing. I’ve started already after borrowing a set of ladders and let’s just say that it was somewhat more dis-coloured than I thought!

I was looking through pics today that I have taken of our flat over the (nearly nine) years that we have lived here and even though I remember it being vile when I look at the pics again it all comes flooding back just how bad it was! Below is the hallway and the landing which makes me shudder! Getting all that thick anaglypta wallpaper off was horrendous, quite how I managed to get it all off in the very high stairwell is beyond me. Oh and that carpet, it still gives me nightmares!! Enjoy…

Below are the three stages of when we had the stairs clad with wood by a local carpenter which was about five years ago now and they still look great. This was after we had taken a wall down which was directly in front of the stairs which had an angle on them so they were patched up at the bottom to straighten them out. It took me forever and a day to stain them…

And finally the stairwell as it is today, half painted and I cannot wait to get it finished. I think the last time I painted it was about seven years ago! So far I have been using the ladders and balancing on one of the ledges but it’s impossible to reach eveywhere so I have some scaffolding planks arriving tomorrow.

Why the sudden rush to get it done you may ask?? Well because I have a certain Moooi Random lampshade sat on my dining room table! I went to London last Saturday (after going to a two day 50th Birthday party and getting to bed at 5am on Saturday morning!) to meet up with some great forum friends and my friend Helen had picked up the said lampshade for me and had offered for me to stay at her uber gorgeous house which is to die for! After three days of drinking and partying the thought of getting an 80cm round lampshade across London and all the way to South Wales was filling me with utter dread! After realising I was going to miss my train and a few hairy moments I eventually got it back home and very gorgoeus it’s looking too.

Have a great weekend all…

I have been painting the spiral staircase which leads up to the loft….OMG it takes forever and it will need 2 coats! Eventually it will be ripped out and replaced with another one but for now we will have to make do with a paint job ( I don’t like it and it has seen better days, it actually isn’t made that well). The grey paint matches the flooring I’m having very well.